Senior Engineer - Routing

Vilnius, Lithuania


At Trafi, we believe that ability to effortlessly move around cities is vital for humans to thrive. Cities are getting bigger and more chaotic. As a result, private transportation is becoming more of a pain. There are more alternative mobility options appearing than we as a citizens can possibly handle. We need to get back the control of how we move around cities. Wouldn’t it be great, if all mobility options worked as one, giving every person the best way to get from where they are to where they need to be?

That is what we are after - building a fully integrated city mobility platform, where public transport, ride hailing, car, bike and scooter sharing services would work as one.

We are seeking an exceptional Senior Engineer for Routing team, to help us build and improve the key piece of Trafi technology - our unique multi-modal routing engine. If you enjoy solving hard algorithmic problems, if optimizing performance sounds exciting to you, and if you are eager to develop the best-in-the-world-routing-engine, then this is the job for you!



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